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The Best Solutions for power diagnostic


What We Offer

  • Cable Testing

    Cable Testing

    Power cable is considered as a capacitive equipment. While utilizing AC power source for high voltage testing, the size of power supply would be huge and is difficult to move. In this circumstance, AC resonant testing system is often used as a substitution, even though the related equipment is still quite bulky.
  • Fault Investigation

    Fault Investigation

    Power system failure is always followed by equipment loss and production loss due to unexpected outage, even causing irreparable accident to employees.
  • Partial Discharge

    Partial Discharge

    Partial Discharge (PD) activity is an electrical discharge, which does not bridge the electrodes between an insulation system completely under high electric field stress, causing dielectric breakdown.

Why to Select PDS ?

  • 15000+
    of equipment
    under monitoring
  • 3600
    of system
    installed worldwide
  • 175
    of potential
    failure prevented
PDS has long served in the field by providing professional services including customized monitoring system design, advanced power system analysis, insulation diagnostic, on-line partial discharge measurement and other electrical related solution.
  • Refinery
  • Manufacture
  • Power sector
  • Transportation
  • Utility

News & Conference

  • Conference

    Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2022

    2022.05.11 - 2022.05.14
    Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition is the largest professional automation show in south Taiwan.
    It is an unique purchasing platform and highlights of robots and logistics products!
  • Conference

    2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

    2020.10.12 - 2020.10.15
    the 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition will share the latest technologies and explore the next generation of energy challenges and solutions.
  • Conference

    Kaohsiung Chemtech & Instruments Expo

    2020.08.06 - 2020.08.09
    The 6th Kaohsiung Chemtech & Instruments Expo is the largest instrument expo of chemistry and industries.
  • Conference

    Electric Power Tech Korea 2020

    2020.05.27 - 2020.05.29
    Electric Power Tech Korea 2020”, the South Korea’s largest electric power industry exhibition will present a paradigm for the renewable energy industry, as well as electric power facility tech, LED light tech, electric power generation plant tech and Smart Grid tech.
  • Conference

    2020 NETA POWERTEST Conference

    PowerTest 2020 will take place in one of the world’s most dynamic and popular cities: Chicago.
  • Conference

    PDS Rebranding Event

    2019.11.15 - 2019.11.17
    For almost three decades of excellent service and continuous expansion and innovation. It is the time for PDS to establish a whole new brand image to you.
  • Product

    2019 PDSimply v7 Facelift Launch Event

    The best selling Partial Discharge Monitoring System is now releasing its 7th version, with more powerful processor, upgraded firmware and an elegant touch on its look.

You can Rely on PDS !

Power monitoring and diagnostic systems of the world class.

To serve worldwide customers, PDS now has branches in Switzerland, US, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. Enable and ensure high quality products and services for power system users to meet their requirements and beyond expectations.
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