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Power monitoring and diagnostic systems of the world class.
Power Diagnostic Service Co., LTD. ( known as PDS ) , founded in 1990,
is a company specializing in electrical maintenance and power system diagnosis.

PDS commits to provide professional and high quality services and products. Through sustained academic research and practical field work, PDS productizes the effort with innovated technologies, in order to resolve various problem related to power system.
  • Launch branches globally, provide services locally

    To serve worldwide customers, PDS now has branches in Switzerland, US, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. Enable and ensure high quality products and services for power system users to meet their requirements and beyond expectations.

  • Technology and innovation

    With the vigorous development of Industry 4.0, the stable development mechanism of the power system in the future is bound to be built on the intelligent system. Hence PDS utilizes IoT ( Internet of Things ) sensing technology to monitor power system and collect big data, and further achieve the innovative future of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) integrated monitoring through machine learning.

Core values Rigorous Evolution

In this rapidly changing environment, we expect to continue to provide our customers the industry's most advanced technology. We adhere to the following core concepts in order to create greater value for the company and the customers :

  • Reliable


    With over 30 years of accumulated experience and technology, we continuously revise and optimize our products and services. From the customer's standpoint, we envision the needs of our customers and provide the most reliable solution for our customers.

  • Innovative


    Adopting new things with an innovative mind, PDS is not limited by any framework of existing experience. Combine the new technologies under various trends to create a new idea in all aspects.

  • Professional


    In the spirit of practical and rigorous research, we attach importance to logical thinking to explore the causes and prevention methods of various problems and achieve extraordinary professions.


PDS providing professional services.

We specialize in the field of advanced power system and equipment condition monitoring & diagnostic systems, including customized monitoring system design, advanced power system analysis, insulation diagnostic, and on-line partial discharge measurement (PDM). Since its beginning in 2000, PDS has developed and commercialized proprietary, sophisticated yet flexible on-line partial discharge monitoring (PDM) hardware and systems for the electric power industry with specific applications for cable systems, transformers, switchgear and rotating equipment.

We have developed and offer a suite of PDM solutions including both portable and permanent PD monitoring system, as well as unique remote PDM hosting and analysis service. The solution provided by PDS utilizes a several innovated technologies, such as Ultra-wide-bandwidth, edge computing, IoT, Big Data, and even Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the global leading PD application, PDS has never stopped in extending its condition monitoring solution, which including power quality, infrared image, Tan-delta, vibration, temperature and etc. to further offer customers a comprehensive protection to their power equipment.