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PDSurvival 2.0 features the latest technologies in PD monitoring.
About Product

About Product

PDSurvival is the latest PD monitoring system, designed for distribution equipment in high and medium voltage. With the success of the predecessors that has been adopted to continuously monitor over 15,000 equipment, PDSurvival is introduced with many innovated function, such as machine learning, auto condition assessment, PRPD pattern recognition, dual-bandwidth analysis and more, in order to obtain better monitoring result with reduced complexity.

Application: transformer, switchgear, motor, cable system and other HV, MV equipment


Edge computing capability allows for in-depth analysis; with the aid of built-in machine learning, equipment status and PD type can be interpreted easier than ever.

The 3-channel unit is equipped with a 3.5” touchscreen that shows PD trends in two bandwidths, PRPD pattern, as well as equipment status, criticality and PD type.

Different communication methods are available to fulfill customer’s need:
   • Standalone
       – 3.5” display with all necessary information
   • LAN-network
       – To display all monitored object at local server
   • SCADA mode
       – Dry contacts and RS485 communication
   • Cloud mode
       – 24/7 cloud monitoring servce by PDS Team


• Ultra-wide band frequency
    – can incorporate with multiple sensor types
• Dual-band monitoring
    – monitor and analyze PD signal in two bandwidth
• Auto risk assessment
    – to interpret the criticality based on PD detected
• Pattern recognition
    – to recognize and categorize different PRPD's
• Machine learning
    – self-improvement in accuracy of interpretation
• 3.5” display
    – built-in color touchscreen for instant view

Measurement :

Frequency range 10MHz - 1500MHz
Measurement range 2mV - 4Vrms
-41dBm - +25dBm
Selected bandwidth   Band I: 10 - 1500MHz (Full band)       
Band II: 300 - 1500MHz (UHF)
Input impedance 50 ohm
Resolution 1 dB
Accuracy ±1 dB

Hardware :

Number of channels                     3 BNC
Power 110V - 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 10W     
Display 3.5" color touchscreen
Storage 512 MB

Communication :

Ports                   1 x USB 2.0
2 x Dry contact
                  RJ45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps
RS485 ModBus RTU

Environment :

Operating temperature                      -20°C  to 70°C                               
Operating humidity 5 - 90%RH