• 研討會暨展覽

    高雄自動化工業展 2022

    2022.05.11 - 2022.05.14

  • 研討會暨展覽

    Kaohsiung Chemtech & Instruments Expo

    2020.08.06 - 2020.08.09
    The 6th Kaohsiung Chemtech & Instruments Expo is the largest instrument expo of chemistry and industries.
  • 研討會暨展覽

    Electric Power Tech Korea 2020

    2020.05.27 - 2020.05.29
    Electric Power Tech Korea 2020”, the South Korea’s largest electric power industry exhibition will present a paradigm for the renewable energy industry, as well as electric power facility tech, LED light tech, electric power generation plant tech and Smart Grid tech.
  • 研討會暨展覽

    2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

    2020.04.21 - 2020.04.23
    the 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition will share the latest technologies and explore the next generation of energy challenges and solutions.
  • 研討會暨展覽

    2020 NETA POWERTEST Conference

    PowerTest 2020 will take place in one of the world’s most dynamic and popular cities: Chicago.
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    PDS Rebranding Event

    2019.11.15 - 2019.11.17
    For almost three decades of excellent service and continuous expansion and innovation. It is the time for PDS to establish a whole new brand image to you.
  • 產品相關

    2019 PDSimply v7 Facelift Launch Event

    The best selling Partial Discharge Monitoring System is now releasing its 7th version, with more powerful processor, upgraded firmware and an elegant touch on its look.