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MOCOM is an integrated system designed for Motor Condition Monitoring.
Integrated Monitoring System

Integrated Monitoring System

PDS provides integrated monitoring system, which acquires and evaluates multiple parameters, thus preventing major failures.
Wear and tear on your high voltage rotating machine is inevitable – caused through electrical and mechanical stress as well as the environment in which it operates.

 ●  How can you tell what is going on inside your machine?
 ●  When will your machine deliver substandard performance?
 ●  When will it fail?

The monitoring of rotor and stator insulation systems of rotating machines provides an early indication of the onset of detrimental risk factors that if not corrected through preventive maintenance, can lead to expensive unplanned outages.
Detection of almost any type of problem in the machine at an early stage of development can be achieved with MOCOM monitoring, as well as PD monitoring.

Integrated Monitoring System
Equipment Composition

Equipment Composition


MOCOM is an integrated system designed for Motor Condition Monitoring, which provides various information in all aspects such as electrical (power quality) and physical (vibration and temperature) properties, to discover the existence of potential failure due to wearing or bearing problems and etc. Environmental dust and lack of lubrication are common issues that could lead to motor faults. With the aid of MOCOM, the situation could be effectively prevented.

The MOCOM on-line monitoring system is highly modular. A wealth of functions can be added to the main data acquisition unit, and the unit is the gateway to PDS’s distributed wireless vibration and temperature sensor network.

The main data acquisition unit provides sufficient computing power and storage and is prepared to communicate with the PDS CLOUD server.




Motor monitoring on the electrical aspect is necessary to analysis the condition. Through the monitoring in the following aspects, motor failure due to electrical and mechanical can be prevented.

 •  3-phase voltage and current
 •  Active, reactive, and apparent power
 •  Power factor
 •  Total harmonic distortion (THD)
 •  Harmonic analysis

This covers three major parts as power supply, rotor winding, and bearing, as well as other mechanical components. The expert analysis tool, which analyzes the current motor status and identifies the root cause of faults.

In addition, the system provides multiple fault analysis methods and demand management from power information, which can be accessed through smart devices.


All components and accessories of rotating machines are vibrating. Analysis of these vibrations can be vital in the early detection of winding or isolation defects, which can help avoid catastrophic failure.

The new universal intelligent sensor system is designed to monitor vibration and temperature in critical locations, which :
 •  are not easily accessible and installation of wiring may be difficult
 •  have more than one interesting axis for monitoring
 •  have strong magnetic or electrical fields
 •  have strong electromagnetic interference that would deteriorate analogue signals

Every sensor module incorporates all physical sensors, a microprocessor and wireless transceiver. The modules intelligently build a network of connections for data transmission, allowing for reliable data transmissions also in industrial environments.


MOCOM-DC is the data collector of the MOCOM family, it supports Sub GHz and Ethernet, and can be powered by AC or PoE. Data acquired by MOCOM-M and MOCOM-VT can be uploaded to Cloud server for remote monitoring via MOCOM-DC. Other main functions of MOCOM-DC are :
 •  Wireless repeater
 •  Environmental monitor
 •  Auto sensor searching
 •  Auto reconnection mechanism

One MOCOM-DC can correspond  to multiple MOCOM-M and MOCOM-VT for rotating machines with larger capacity. Additional sensors could be added to the system at anytime, for remote monitoring or as a stand- alone unit. Front-end built-in processor in sensor is capable to perform edge computing, which extracts and processes the important data to reduce the loading of data transferring.

MOCOM-DC can be pre-configured for sensor pairing, which enables Auto Sensor Searching function and Auto Reconnection function at every startup or disconnection. Communication distance between MOCOM-DC and others is up to 100 meters, which is suitable for industrial site layout. And MOCOM-DC can monitor ambient temperature to avoid false alarm due to climate change for a more accurate result.


Electrical Properties Monitoring 3-phase voltage and current, active and
apparent power, power factor,
Total Hamonic Distortion (THD), Harmonic analysis
Voltage rms 0.1% 20V-347V
Current rms 0.1% 0.5A-5A°C
Harmonic order 63 Harmonic
Standsrd IEC62053-21, 62053-22, 61000-4-2, 61000-4-3,
Input voltage 0~600VAC
Input current 0~5A
Input frequency range 30-66Hz
Storage temperature 80°C
Operation temperature 80°C
Operation voltage 85-264V 50/60 Hz
Communication Ethernet
Dimension 210 x 135 x 35 mm


Power PoE or 85~264V 50/60 Hz
Bandwidth 915~925MHz
Tx Power Up to +11.6 dBm
Rx Sensitivity -118 dBm
Communication distance Up to100 meter
number of Ports 1
Speed 10/100 Mbps
Connector 8-pin RJ45


Temperature range -40°C - 125°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C at 0 to 65°C
Temperature resolution 0.015°C
Acceleration range ±2/ ±4/ ±8/ ±16 g full scale
Communication Sub-GHz, 915-925 MHz
Communication distance Up to 100 meter
Battery 26500,3.6V,7.7AH

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