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EZY Power (Life Expectancy Analysis Program) is anadvanced solution for analyzing the condition and expected lifetime of the stator winding insulation – the most uptime critical component in high voltagemotors and generators. 

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers


What is EZY POWER?



 PDS EZY-Power is an advanced service for analyzing the condition and expected lifetime of the stator winding insulation in HV motors and generators (≥ 5kV).

Our service includes:

  • measurements with specially developed LEAP equipment
  • data analysis with unique analytical tools to identify, characterize and quantify defects in the insulation
  • prediction of when the system’s condition might become vulnerable/critical
  • presentation of the results with optimized maintenance plans and recommendations



Apart from the above, the report offers advice on short and long-term maintenance actions, allowing customers to plan well in advance and avoid costly emergency stops. 


Why should you perform a LEAP analysis?


PDS EZY-Power will help you optimize maintenance by moving from a time-based to a condition-based prioritization and planning program. The results from PDS Ability LEAP will help customers select actions and plan when they should take place.

Key benefits for the customer are:


  • Early warning - provides adequate time for maintenance planning
  • Optimize maintenance planning – enables you to move from time-based to condition-based maintenance
  • Reduced cost of ownership (COO) – supports efforts to extend lifetime and thereby increase return on investment (ROI)
  • Better decision-making – facilitates decision-making on short and long term maintenance and run/repair/retrofit/replace options
  • Improved risk mitigation – minimizes unplanned downtime by reducing risk levels
  • Comprehensive HV coverage – can be used on your entire HV fleet, including non-ABB motors and generators




What is the output from PDS EZY-Power?




 The output from PDS EZY-Power is a report containing the results and findings from the analysis. Short and long-term recommendations from PDS are clearly stated so that the customer can have ample time to plan for the required maintenance (or rewinding/replacement).




What is the advantage with PDS EZY-Power in comparison to competitor solutions?



Traditional measurements look at values such as Insulation Resistance (IR), Polarization Index (PI), and Tan δ, whereas PDS Ability LEAP examines the point of strength aspects of insulation. PDS EZY-Power is a unique service program that combines the analysis of DC and AC measurements, characterizes and quantifies defects in the insulation. Furthermore, PDS EZY-Power will predict the remaining lifetime of the stator winding insulation – key to long-term maintenance plans.




What kind of motors or generators can EZY-Power measure/analyze?



PDS EZY-Power can be used on high voltage (>5kV) motors and generators regardless of the manufacturer. For motors and generators below 5kV, PDS can offer Condition Assessment (without life Expectancy) as an alternative.




Can the Kit be used online?



PDS EZY-Power measurements are taken when the motor/generator is offline and cooled down.




What tests are performed when using the Kit?




PDS EZY-Power Standard is the most common service we perform and includes: 

  • Polarization Depolarization Current Analysis
  • Tan Delta and Capacitance Analysis
  • Non-Linear Insulation Behavior Analysis
  • Partial Discharge Analysis
  • Stator Winding Resistance measurement




 Will the PDS EZY-Power service be offered only by PDS workshops/field service personnel?



The PDS service program can be offered by PDS or an approved service partner.
Do you have any references for this service?
The PDS service was introduced to the market in 2006 and our database now includes over 10,000 measurements. Equipment is stationed in more than 40 countries and therefore the service is available to clients across the world, no matter where their site is based.



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